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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

I love a half updo, or as we called it when I was a little girl, 'some hair up, some hair down'. I even had a half updo on my wedding day. I really think its my favourite kind of style. You can still see your hairs length but you gain volume at the top and it just falls beautifully. I thought this week I would showcase some easy, fast and eye catching styles. The most difficult is the bow. It's done by putting a half pony tail up in damp hair, splitting the tail in half and creating a loop at each side securing with hair grips (Bobby pins). Then taking a small piece of hair to cover the bobble and securing it with another grip. pulling the end through the loops or down the back of them. Tidy up the loops with a comb and water spray placing grips where needed.

The messy bun is so very easy. By putting the hair into a half pony tail again and then wrapping the pony tail in a second bobble but leaving it half pulled through and doing that twice you create two very untidy loops. Pull and pin into place with grips and try not to make it too neat. Little ends sticking out, strange twists and uneven loops is the required result!!! The perfectionist in me hates leaving it messy, but I do think it looks very cool!

The next style is best done on very damp hair to keep flyaway hairs to a minimum. Separate a square of hair above the ear. Split into two pieces and twist them clockwise whilst passing them over each other anti clockwise. This method helps keep the twists tight. Continue twisting until the braid reaches right across to the back of the opposite ear. Secure with 2 clips crossing over. Repeat on the other side. Make sure that the hair is smoothed nicely before clipping braid into place. Hair grips can be used underneath the twists across the top of the head to prevent them slipping down the back of the head.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Back to school 

Back to school time is here again and has brought with it a renewed love of blogging my gorgeous daughters hair styles. I love to look at different ways to put up her hair especially for school when it is very necessary to keep it up, neat and tidy. This week we have tried 3 new styles. I'm not a fan of the 2nd one but I will put it on here anyway as it was very, very simple, quick and those are the reasons I'm not a fan. I was very short of time and threw this hairstyle up in a wonky haphazard fashion. My inner perfectionist is angry!!

I'm going to be adding to this blog at least weekly and will hopefully provide a little inspiration for someone.
This is a simple pull through braid. I love the volume it creates when you pancake out the sides (Pull on the edges to make them look fuller) It is easily done you do, however, need plenty of hair ties or bobbles. 

Wonky one. Simple style of 2 high and 2 low pig tails with small braids made from each  top bunch and crossed over. If I had got my lines straight this would have been sweet. I think I still had one eye shut!!!! I'll get it back just give me a few days to get my new school routine back into!!

This bun is gorgeous. I adore it and its very easy. A simple pony tail, a topsy tail and lots of loops and this is the result. Perfect updo for a wedding or a special occasion. My princess rocked it for a girls playdate and wore a sweet little blue playsuit...cute as a button

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Helpful Hints for the Hair styling novice

Today we have no images. I haven't styled my daughters hair today. She went off to Grandmas for a sleepover and so Grandma was in charge of hair!

I never look back at my child hood and think "wow, my mum was rubbish at putting my hair up". I genuinely thought she always made it look neat and pretty. But when I spoke to her today about it she explained how she thinks she is terrible at it. I can't believe it. Ot got me thinking, how many mums and grans and aunties think that they are terrible at styling their little girls hair? 

I wonder about holding a class in my area for mums and maybe also for Dads. Would a few little pointers help? 

I'm now in the process of working out some hair styling workshops in my area. But I wanted to give some helpful hints here too. 

1. Long clean hair is usually very slippery to work with so adding water and a mousse or a mist of gel spray may help while you work it out. It also helps prevent stray fly away hairs making your style look messy!

2. A simple style can look so much prettier when accessorised with a pretty bow. I like to buy mine from e bay or I buy lengths of ribbon in lots of colours and just tie the bow into the hair.

3. Have a go at a dutch braid instead of a french braid if you struggle. I find them much easier to make look neat and the effect is lovely.

A dutch braid is a 3 strand braid but instead of crossing the outside strands into the middle you cross the middle over the outside in turn.

4. A simple hairstyle can be adapted into something pretty with a little bit of added flair.
Try putting a low down pony tail into an ordinary plait and then twisting it into a bun and pinning in place with hair grips. Simple and easy but very pretty and perfect for dance classes. 

5. Don't be afraid of giving it a go. If your daughter doesn't like to sit for long, borrow a friend. They usually sit nicer and don't cry as much if you pull (by accident)...heehee!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Another beautiful and intricate braid. The zip up braid. It is a tricky thing to start with but the outcome is just WOW! I can imagine this braid staying in all day long as it is quite tightly braided therefore it would be great for a party, a day trip, a wedding etc. 

I hope that you agree that this style is just stunning.....I can imagine it with a beautiful sparkly flower clip by the bun and it would be a stunning bridesmaid hairstyle

This is another new style and one which I was surprised to like as much as I did. More practice needed I feel but the effect was very pretty.

Fishtail braids aren't my favourite and I usually avoid them a little but this twisted fishtail is delightful and a style I will definitely use again and again on my little hair fairy!

The one thing I must say is that this style requires the participation of the hair owner!!.... They will need to hold strands out to the sides for some of the time. 

This week we have been trying out new styles which I've really enjoyed. Always good to learn new styles and see how they can be adapted. 

The first one is the Chinese staircase. I love the look and it would be pretty for visiting or such like but discovered that it isn't the sort of style that withstands a day out at the park.

This style can be twisted so that it spirals around the ponytail too. Very cute!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Was looking forward to using my Topsy Tail and so today I created a pretty bun style using the Topsy Tail.

Very pretty and can also be worn as a pony tail by leaving part of the hair out.